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Taught to sew by my granny as a child as a way to mend clothing and make dollhouse furnishings, I wasn't overly impressed...

Until my foundation year at art college, I discovered I could draw using a needle and thread. While studying textile design, my tutors were encouraging me to start every project with paper and pencil, but the textures made by tiny stitches on fabric always made more sense to me. For my final year project I pleaded to be allowed to do embroidery, and I've done nothing else since!

In the same way my Granny passed her skills on to me, I make pieces that will be treasured and passed onto next generations. I love learning the stories behind the commissions I'm given and making something deeply personal.

I'm a big believer in making art in a way that looks after the planet. Hand embroidery is by its nature a very slow and careful process, and I only use natural, thrifted, or donated materials.

Raised in Northern Ireland and currently living in Edinburgh, my embroideries are inspired by the Irish countryside, children's book illustrations, music and memories. ♥

If you would like to enquire about commissions or know more about my work, please use the form on the 'bespoke' page, or contact me via:

Mobile: 07541056277


Instagram: @francescathreads

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